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General Regulation


Download the pdf General Regulation: LMF14_Regolamento_ita-eng

The courses of Livorno Music Festival are opened to graduated musicians, senior year students, students of all nationalities of any age. For under the age of 18 students, a certificate to excuse the organization from any responsibility will be requested. Enrolments will be accepted according to the date on which they are received. When the classes are full, students will be placed on a waiting list which will be comunicated. The enrolment deadline is 10 August. From the 25th of August to the 8th of September 2014 a coordination point and secretariat of the Association will be placed at the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “P. Mascagni”.


The course of Composition: students could present a piece written for the Quartetto Eco in residence at the course. Instruments available: String Quartet (2 violins, viola, cello). Duration of the piece: max. seven (7) minutes. The piece can be written only for String Quartet and must be presented in electronic format. Please don’t send manuscripts. Delivery deadline: 10th August 2014. Only pieces delivered before the deadline can be chosen by the Professor to be performed in public.

The course of Chamber Music is open to groups from duet to quintet, with or without piano. Individual instrumentalists may enroll and form groups during the course.


The timetable of the lectures will be established depending on the needs and the composition of the class, a minimum of 4 individual lectures will be assured to each student. The teacher is free to lead the class in total liberty, always respecting the needs of the registered. Every active student is allowed to listen all courses and concerts the Festival has. Outside auditors, in order to attend lectures, will have to pay a pre-emptively amount of € 15,00 per day, € 60,00 for one week, € 100,00 for two weeks. The association has the right to dismiss from courses, students who are unqualified for the prosecution of the studies, or disrespectful for general regulations and didactic or administrative dispositions issued by the Direction. In addition, the association will reserve the right to dismiss students from courses for any misconduct, whether inside or out of the Association. The Organization declines any responsibility on potential absence of a teacher due to external causes, thus there will be refund.

Inscription will be defined in two moments:
1. Drafting and sending of application form request and payment of registration fee
2. Payment of the attendance and external auditor fees

The inscription will be done with the payment of the attendance fees as reported on the Festival’s Admission Form and Web Site. Every fee it is VAT included. The payment of the attendance fees can be made by bank wire transfer or in place, at the secretariat of the Association the first day of arrival in Livorno (payment by cheques or credit card will not be accepted).
Foreign students can arrange with the organization concerning different methods of payment if due to a reduction on transfer cost.
External auditor, in order to join the lectures, will have to pay a pre-emptively amount of € 15,00 per day, € 60,00 for one week, € 100,00 for two weeks.
Students actually registered will receive a reduction of 20 % on the attendance fee amount of another course, and again, the registration fee is a one off payment.

Every fee include: definitive attendance to the selected course/s, permission to join all course as an external auditor, free entrance to every concert hosted by the Livorno Music Festival, permission to use all lectures rooms, with or without piano, didactic assistance, accident insurance and public-liability insurance, release of certificate of attendance and diplomas.
Students are invited to specify on the application form the list of musical pieces that they would like to play during the course, indicating the edition. For those who request a piano accompanist, must please send this recommendation to the Secretariat at the time of registration including a piano score of the piece (maximum 2) to be studied at the course. A piano accompanist is accounted after the completion of a contract, remember that it must be stated in the register form no later than 10/08/2014. Each student has to bring with him his own music stand and concert suit. Students are allowed to use, when available and according to time table, any classrooms with or without piano.

Costs for room and board relay on the students, that will be allowed to stay in the hotels arranged for it. For all information please visit the Web Site page.


During the Festival, public concerts will be organised for the students attending lectures, where the chosen ones will be offered the privileged of performing in concert with the teachers, and, on completion, certificates of attendance will be released. These concerts are to be considered as an integral part of the courses, for this reason any kind of retribution will be given to the attending students in payment.  Prior request to the artistic secretariat the organisation will offer scholarships for a total value of Euro 2.500 to the best students with completion of their masters.
There is a possibility for the best students to be selected to take part in Livorno Music Festival’s concert seasons and/or other musical institutions.

During the course, if specified in the application form, soloists and singers students will have the possibility to partecipate in a selection. Winners will be included in the 2015 program of the “Festival Suoni e Colori in Toscana” and/or in the next edition of the Livorno Music Festival. For composition students there will be another selection, winners will have the chance to have a piece performed by Contempoartensemble in world premiere at the ContempoArteFestival 2014/2015 (www.contempoartensemble.com). Every student wants to take part please specify it in the application form. 

Right of withdrawal
As stated in the D.lgs. 185 of 22/05/1999 following the Directive D97/7/CE, students can withdraw from the contract within 10 days after the contract has been signed, by sending a fax to the Association with an attached letter with Acknowledgement of receipt within a prior 48 hours. For whatever reason you wish to terminate the contract we expect it to be reconsidered, if not you will be fully reimbursed.
Lack of available places
The paid amount will be given entirely back in case there will not be more vacancies in the chosen course.
Cancellation of the course
Students will be fully compensated if the course is cancelled due to there being less than de minimum of four students per course, or for the absence of the professor due to external reason. Student may then decide to freeze the paid amount for up to the following two years in order to join another course offered by the Association.

The Association Amici della Musica di Livorno has a reserved faculty to deal with any modifications of the regulations. Any person interested will be promptly informed.
Joining the festival means abiding by all regulations.
In case of dispute the attested language is Italian.

By signing this form, the consents in handling his/her personal data goes according to the compliance of Art. 13 of the Legislative Decree n° 196 of June 30, 2003 as indicated on the form itself. The undersigned may, however, exercise his/her rights by writing to the Director in charge of personal data.

N.B. According to and with the allegiance of art. 13 of the Legislative Decree N. 196 of June30, 2003, please note that personal data gathered in this document will be handled by the Data Bank of the Amici della Musica di Livorno Association. In addition, those who wish to do so may exercise the rights recognized in articles 7, 8 and 9 of the above cited Legislative Decree, requesting in writing from the Executive of the Amici della Musica di Livorno in charge of personal data the deletion, updating or modification of their personal data.
The data, for which we guarantee the maximum privacy, will be used in order to render possible the activity of the Association.

Livorno (Italy), 15th January 2013
Associazione Amici della Musica di Livorno

The Artistic Director
Vittorio Ceccanti

The President
Andrea Farneti

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