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The Association

The association “Amici della Musica di Livorno” aims to produce and disseminate knowledge and practice of the various languages ​​and techniques of classical music, modern and contemporary forms of highly qualified. In particular, through the realization of events and educational activities, the Association also aims to promote and enhance the great musical tradition and cultural city of Livorno.

The activities of the moves in the round in view of the organization of musical events, in order to make participant people who love music and enjoy and support it with admiring the picturesque scenery that the city of Livorno offers.

The Association has established a strong network of partnerships with all public and private institutions, national and international agencies from the beginning, companies and people approached with enthusiasm to the “Friends of Music in Livorno”, adhering with passion and initiatives becoming motivated partners, sponsors and partners.

With the organization of courses of “Livorno Music Festival” – for graduate students, graduates and young talents – the Association is aimed at youth with the aim of bringing together musicians from all over the world and make them live in close contact with big names in international music scene.

The task of the Association is then spread the classical and contemporary music and to protect those young people who have placed in it a reason to study and commitment.