Conditions for Registration and Fees

Registration will be defined in two moments:

1· Drafting and sending of application form request and payment of registration fee.

Application forms have to be sent online before the 15/07/2020 until places will be sold out by filling the form on the web-site on-line. Requests after the deadline will be admitted depending on classes availability. 

For Composition the deadline is extended to 10/06/2020 (see the specific regulation on the course page).

Last places available for Piano, Violin (Berman/Bindere), Voice, Clarinet, Guitar, Saxophone, Bassoon, Orchestration and Arrangement.

Before sending the complete enrollment application by attaching the payment, it is advisable to make sure of the availability of the course chosen from those mentioned above by writing an email to or by calling (+39) 3348110013.

Already sold out places for Composition, Cello, Flute, Violin (Marco Rizzi), Viola, Chamber Music.

The Percussion course is canceled.

Together with the application form online the following must be attached:

  1. copy of Passport or Identity Card, a parent document in the case of a minor;
  2. curriculum vitae;
  3. receipt of the Registration fee by bank transfer (indicate the transfer number) or Paypal, indicate the name of the student in the purpose of the payment (individual € 95,00, group’s member and Arrangement and Orchestration course € 65,00).

The registration fee is a one off payment for every soloist and students for every individual student, even though being part of an ensemble, and applies to attend more courses. This fee will be refunded only if the course is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, please check the Festival’s General Regulation, and not due to lack of participation of the student.

For auditors there is no registration fee but only the fee shown below in the specific table.

2· Payment of the attendance and external auditor fees.

Registration will be confirmed with the payment of the attendance fee for each student, as shown below:




Individual fee (also chamber music if not group’s member) except for Arrangement and Orchestration course

€ 95,00

For group’s members (only chamber music course) and Arangement and Orchestration course

€ 65,00


All courses except for:
Composition, Arrangement and Orchestration, Violin (Berman/Bindere) Chamber Music, Bassoon, Saxophone, Flute (Oliva), Singing (Brioli).

€ 250,00

Saxophone, Bassoon, Flute (Oliva), Singing (Brioli).

€ 200,00


€ 350,00

Violin Berman/Bindere

€ 400,00

Arrangement and Orchestration

€ 100,00

Quartetto Klimt’s Chamber Music course

Single Instrumentalist € 250,00

Duos € 150,00

Trios € 120,00

Quartets, Quintets and Sextets € 100,00

Course's piano accompanist on request

€ 40,00 for the entire duration of the course


External auditors

€ 20,00 for day

€ 80,00 for one week

€ 120,00 for two weeks

Every fee it is VAT included.

The payment of the attendance fees can be made by bank wire transfer, by Paypal, or in place, at the secretary of the Festival the first day of arrival in Livorno (payment by cheques or credit card will not be accepted).

Students actually registered will receive a reduction of 20% on the attendance fee amount of another course, and again, the registration fee is a one off payment.

The payment of the registration, attendance and external auditor fees can be made by bank wire transfer, net of commissions, to:

Associazione Amici della Musica di Livorno
Banco Popolare Società Cooperativa
Sede di Livorno, Piazza Grande 21, 57126 Livorno.
IBAN: IT50W0503413900000000001787