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Livorno Music Festival 11th edition

The Livorno Music Festival organize instrumental and musical interpretation courses and an intense concert activity in the most beautiful places in the city of Livorno, favoring the promotion of international cultural exchanges and the training of young musicians of all ages and nationalities. The LMF summer courses are aimed in particular at graduates, high school graduates, young and very young talents, with the aim of bringing together musicians from all over the world and making them live in close contact with big names on the international music scene, also giving them the opportunity to play with the Artists in the concert program. The Festival is a moment of union and exchange of energies between people, who work and build projects looking to the future, with music as an important means of improving our society. A group of musicians from the smallest to the largest orchestra is like a family: playing together teaches us to respect others, learn from fellow students, develop their skills, have self-confidence, develop great discipline and willpower, all of them aspects necessary to face our life. The Master Classes of the 2021 Festival, eleventh edition, will be held from 16 August to 10 September 2021; concerts from August 17th to September 7th.

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